Senior Assist Bathroom Needs in San Jose, CA

Common Questions about Assistance for Seniors

Just-Baths is a proud provider of bathroom remodels for clients throughout San Jose, CA. We offer a variety of design options to suit your style and needs, and our team uses high-quality products and materials from the industry’s most trusted brands and suppliers. Our specialized design skills allow us to accommodate clients with special wishes for their new bathrooms, including eco-friendly bathroom remodeling that utilizes sustainable materials and water and energy-saving features. We can also help create senior assist bathrooms to make bathrooms safe and accessible for the elderly. Designing and building these types of bathrooms takes specialized expertise in a variety of customized features, such as safety rails and walk-in tubs. We get many questions from homeowners about special needs bathrooms, so we’ve answered some of the most frequent ones we get. When you’re ready to remodel your bathroom to accommodate the elderly, handicapped, or those with other special needs, contact us to speak with a member of our team.

How’s an Assistance Bathroom Different from a Regular One?

We all know what to expect in a typical bathroom: a toilet, sink, shower or tub, and possibly some cabinetry for toiletries, towels, and other supplies. An assistance bathroom is enhanced with different features to make it easily accessible and safer for users with special needs. This includes a safety railing to help avoid slipping and falling, or to help lower and raise yourself from the tub or toilet. A walk-in tub is another example that allows bathers to enter the tub without having to climb over the side. Textures surfaces help with traction on a wet floor, and folding shower seats make bathing easier, as you don’t have tostand up the entire time. Special needs bathrooms may incorporate a few or a multitude of customized features.

How Can You Make Bathrooms Safe for the Elderly?

Remodeling a bathroom for special needs users such as the elderly or handicapped is a valuable method of making it a safe and easy-to-use space for aging residents. The convenient features like grab bars and toilet height modification help the elderly accomplish everyday tasks like bathing and relieving themselves with a significantly reduced effort and risk of injury. Other ideas to make the bathroom safer include placing a non-slip mat in the tub or shower, investing in a shower chair or transfer bench, or having Just-Baths install a walk-in tub. To make washing and getting ready easier, you can keep essential items within easy reach in the shower and by the sink. Poor lighting can also be hazardous for the elderly, so you can ensure the bathroom is well-lit and place nightlights in darkened areas.

Will Medical Supplies Be Stored in the Bathroom?

Medical assistance devices and products may be essential items to store in the bathroom for an elderly resident. These include toilet safety frames, shower chairs, and commode accessories. However, the heat and moisture in a bathroom can damage some medical supplies, such as medication, first aid kits, and some electronic devices. Medicines should be stored in a cool, dry place. You can store them in a kitchen cabinet situated away from the sink, stove, or hot appliances. Another good place is in a dresser drawer.

I Have a Small Bathroom. Can You Still Help Me?

While a smaller bathroom is not ideal for a special needs remodel, there are ways Just-Baths can help you convert it to a safe and elderly-friendly environment. One example would be expanding the doorway’s width to 36 inches to accommodate wheelchairs, as well as lower the curb on your shower so that a wheelchair can easily access it. We may be able to reposition your toilet, so there’s enough room around it for a wheelchair. Other customized features we offer include bathroom rails, hand shower by Grohe®, and tub-to-shower conversions.

Do You Offer Financing Options for Bathroom Remodels?

Just-Baths offers financing options to help ensure converting your bathroom into a special needs bathroom is affordable. Our company gladly assists you in project expenses with secured and unsecured loans from Home Loan Investment Bank. When you contact us about your remodeling needs, we’ll start the process with a free estimate so that you have a clear understanding of the financial commitment.

Can I See Photos of Just-Baths’ Past Projects?

After over 30 years of performing remodels, we have a lot to be proud of, and we’re happy to show you examples. Our bathroom remodels are coupled with our adept design and construction skills with high-quality products and materials from reputable brands and suppliers. The result is a history of safe, beautiful bathrooms and satisfied clients. If you’d like to review a collection of images showing our past projects, you can visit our photo gallery.

What Kinds of Remodeling Products Do You Offer?

We use a variety of products and materials from trustworthy brands and suppliers known for their quality in the industry. From granite countertops to beautiful vanities to relaxing Jacuzzi® tubs, we incorporate fixtures, features, and materials from leading producers into your desired bathroom design. Our Products page shows all the options we offer.

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