Eco-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling in San Jose, CA

Green Bathroom Designs

At Just-Baths, we pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly. One of top priorities is to help customers protect the earth while also saving money through our green bathroom designs. From reducing unnecessary use of resources to using more eco-friendly products in place of harmful ones, our San Jose bathroom remodeling team can create a space that both looks great and protects the world around us.

We can design environmentally friendly bathrooms through many methods, including:

  • Avoiding materials that contain formaldehyde and using sustainable woods instead
  • Using materials made from renewable sources, such as recycled ceramic, porcelain, or glass
  • Using safer and greener types of caulk that reduce exposure to potential toxins
  • Using newer models of toilets that significantly reduce the water usage per flush
  • Using windows and fans with the Energy Star label

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