• Handicap Tubs and Handicap Showers for Individuals with Special Needs

    For people with special needs, the very mundane tasks of daily living can become very burdensome to an individual who is either disabled or confined to a wheelchair. A typical trip to the bathroom can require a tremendous amount of patience and can turn into a tedious and sometimes frightening experience. One of the daily bathroom activities that most of us take for granted is taking a shower or a bath. Fortunately, there are many solutions available in the form of specially designed products which help those with disabilities or advanced age to get in and out of the bathtub without fear of injury or strain.

    The “Walk in Tub” also known as a handicap tub, handicapped tub or “Bathtub with a Door”, is one of the most useful and helpful breakthrough in bathroom amenities for individuals with special needs. These tubs offer more safety and mobility for folks who are physically challenged than conventional bathtub designs. Sometimes people will try to convert their regular tub into a handicap tub by adding grab bars or benches, but in truth, these traditional tubs were never designed with the disabled in mind. These types of modifications may make certain aspects of getting in and out of the tub easier, but do not offer the comfort, stability and safety that those who have special needs require.

    Handicapped tubs, or Walk-In tubs, truly enhance the daily living experience of those who need them because they are designed specifically for individuals who are physically challenged. There are many excellent manufacturers and styles to choose from, depending on a person’s particular tastes or needs. There are also a variety of handicap showers available as well, fitted with grab bars, benches, wide clearance doors, hand held shower heads, drainage and entrances that allow for easy wheelchair access.

    • When looking for a handicap tub or handicap showers, it’s important to keep in mind several things.
    • Is the tub or shower registered with the US Government FDA as a medical device?
    • Does the tub meet or exceed HUD and ANSI requirements?
    • Does the tub or shower allow for wheelchair access?
    • Does it come with a bench, grab bars and custom fixtures?
    • Will the tub or shower fit your current bathroom design or will you need a complete bathroom remodel?
    • Does the tub or shower have a slip resistant floor?
    • Does the tub or shower have a warranty?

    One major benefit of owning a handicapped tubs or handicap showers is the convenience it also offers to caregivers. Your family loved ones and caregivers will greatly appreciate the ease with which one can be assisted in and out of one of these indispensable bathroom products, as much as the user will enjoy the experience of using them.