• A Guide To Planning Your New Bathroom Design

    For Bay Area homeowners looking for new and interesting bathroom designs, the most difficult part is usually just getting started. There are so many choices and options available that, if you haven’t done your homework, could have you really scratching your head. The good news is that for Bay Area bathroom remodels there are plenty of resources to get you on your way to a new, exciting bathroom design.

    In San Jose there are many exceptional San Jose bathroom remodeling contractors who can guide you through the process, showing you interesting concepts, fixtures, wall materials, tubs, showers and vanities. They are also the ones who can give expert advice on the cost of such a project and the best way to stay within your budget. If you don’t already know a bathroom remodeling contractor, one of the best referrals you can get is through your local kitchen and bath showroom. They will often work with many of the best contractors in the Bay Area and can probably give you a handful of calling cards.

    First, you’ll need to determine what your particular style is. Do you want a bathroom design that will complement your current home décor? Do you prefer classic, country, contemporary or ornate? What will be your color scheme? Do you have certain wood preferences that will match what you have going on in the rest of the house? Do you have any special needs for occupants with physical disabilities?

    These are all important questions to ask yourself before beginning any bathroom remodeling project. Go spend some time in your bathroom and try to imagine everything you’d like to change and how you’d like to change it, then make notes on all your thoughts. Write down any questions you have about installation, products and costs for when you meet with your contractor.

    Take a look online or in magazines at other bathroom designs for inspiration. You may not even realize the various options or creative possibilities that exist until you’ve had a chance to see what other Bay Area bathroom remodels look like.

    Go to your local Bay Area bathroom retailer and explore the various fixtures, woods, tiles, tubs and showers available and get some ideas on pricing as well. Ask lots of questions and always find out which products are most durable and come with manufacturers warranties.

    Decide if you want your new bathroom remodel to be eco-friendly. There are entire product lines dedicated to using green, sustainable materials, like Bamboo, and environmentally friendly fixtures like low flush toilets.

    Make a wish list of all the conveniences you’ve ever wanted in your bathroom and then discuss those ideas with your bathroom remodeling contractor. Ever wanted a TV in the bathroom? How about a telephone? Maybe his and her vanities or for some real, European style comfort, a bidet?

    Bathroom remodels are a big investment and you may only do this once during the entire time you own your home, so if you’re in the Bay Area bathroom remodels and custom bathroom cabinets market, this can be your chance to have the dream bathroom design that you’ve always wanted.