Things to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity by RonbowWall Mounted Bathroom Vanity by Ronbow

One of the easiest things you can do to give your bathroom a new look or create more space is to install a new bathroom vanity. Whether your bathroom is contemporary or traditional, modern or ornate, there is a perfect bathroom vanity available to suit your style.

Single bathroom vanities offer just the right amount of space for guest bathrooms or smaller bathrooms. You can find vanities that feature pedestals or floating wall-mounted designs as well as free standing units that make great use of storage and cabinets.

Double bathroom vanities will definitely improve the comfort level if you are currently sharing your bathroom with another member of household. Increase counter space, cabinet space and “his and hers”€ areas. Double vanities are also great for kids bathrooms where there are more than one child using the bathroom. These types of vanities also offer lots of storage space for towels, toiletries and supplies, which reduces clutter and helps you to stay better organized.

Depending on your style preference you have many different materials and woods to choose from. Surfaces include anything from marble, ceramic, granite, cultured stone to composites. Woods include cherry, oak or even mahogany. These woods are priced differently depending on their strength and durability. It often pays in the long run to spend a little more if you can afford it.

Bathroom vanities can also come in glass designs, which are a much more contemporary look. The glass is high-end and very durable and often combines with other material finishes such as wood or stainless steel to create a very custom, stylized look and feel. Many glass vanities are of the wall mounted variety. This creates a feeling of openness in the bathroom while also providing great functionality.

Whatever style of bathroom vanity you’€™re looking for, the best way to make sure you have covered all your bases is to hire a professional bathroom remodeler. They can show you all the designs, materials and installation choices, and they can help you save time and money.