Choosing the Right Bathroom Tile

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One of the most dreaded jobs in redoing a bathroom involves the tile. If it’s done correctly, new tile can make the entire bathroom look new, brighter and more in order. If the job is handled poorly, the end result can be a disaster. Redoing the bathroom tile, however, is something that will likely need to be done if a new look is desired.

There are many different looks that can be achieved by redoing bathroom tile. It’s important to consider the overall desired design and the longevity of the look before picking the tile out, however. Some possibilities include:

Bright and sunny: Stark white, bright yellows and other such colors in bathroom tile lend themselves very well to a bright and sunny bathroom design style. These can be the easiest of tiles to keep looking clean, too, which gives this option a heads up on some of the others.

Subdued: Cream colored and even white tiles with no real pattern can work well in any design scheme. Easy to keep clean, for the most part, this look works with dark accessory colors, light accessory colors and more. Rather than making the design statement with the tile, these type of bathrooms have the tile kind of blend into the intended look.

Themed: It’s possible to use the tile in the bathroom to set the theme. For example, some parents opt to add whimsical tiles to a child’s bathroom. Other possibilities include fish themed tiles, lighthouses, birds and so on. When choosing tile for a theme, it’s a good idea to really be in love with it. Redoing the tile in a cartoon theme for a child that’s 10 and will soon outgrow such things might not be bright, but creating the look when the baby is 1 and siblings are likely can be a great way to stake out a kids’ bathroom as a kids’ bathroom.

Bold: There are all kinds of options for bold, trend setting tile designs. From dark colors to imported tiles of special designs these aren’t typical in most homes – bathrooms, but they can be more than beautiful. When the tile makes the look, the overall appearance of the room can be fantastic.

When doing tile work there are two main options for installation. These include professional contractors and doing it yourself. There are pros and cons to both. Those who opt to go with the pros will find the work is generally done quite quickly and it will likely be guaranteed. This can offer a real peace of mind as improperly sealed tiles can wreak havoc on a bathroom’s walls. The cuts of the tile will also likely be quite well done as will the fit.

Doing it yourself with tile can be achieved, but it will take some time. While it will likely take a novice days and days to do what a pro can in a few hours, if the work is completed following instructions to the letter, the end results can be the same. Before doing it yourself, make sure the job is fully understood and ample time is staked out for cutting, placing and sealing and grouting tile. It will take patience to make sure everything lines up as it should and some trial and error might come into play, as well.

One of the biggest surefire ways to transform a bathroom’s look is to replace the tile. Doing so can be a fun way to get a newer, updated look, but it does require some planning for a picture perfect end result.