Bathroom Remodeling in San Jose, CA

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Bathroom Services

Clients who need bathroom remodeling in San Jose, CA have trusted Just-Baths to redesign their bathrooms with customized plans for a variety of options like eco-friendly design and handicap accessibility. We’ve spent more than 30 years performing bathroom remodels that take humdrum and antiquated layouts to beautiful, new rooms that emphasize your style, convenience, and more. Our team of licensed general contractors uses high-quality fixtures and materials, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our work. Our clients typically have questions about our services and what they can expect from their remodeled bathroom. On this page, we gladly answer some of the most common questions our team gets, so you can begin your project with some helpful insight before you contact us.

What’s the Difference between Renovating and Remodeling?

While these two concepts might seem like the same thing, a renovation focuses on restoring your bathroom to a previous condition or state. A remodel involves creating a brand-new space using much more extensive measures. During a renovation, a contractor may perform cosmetic changes to update a bathroom. With a remodel, we go more in-depth with demolition and construction to rebuild the room with a new design, new fixtures and hardware, possible plumbing changes, and a wide variety of other tasks. Our team does everything you need for a new bathroom, including replacing cabinetry and counters, painting, and updating your outdated features.

Will a Bathroom Update Increase the Value of My Home?

Updating your bathroom with a reputable contractor can add value to your home. The upgrades in aesthetics, fixture functionality, and overall quality attract home buyers and increase the financial worth of your structure. If you plan to sell your house, a bathroom remodel can also raise the asking price with up-to-date fixtures, counters, and overall design and materials. If you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, then your best strategy is to tailor the remodel to your desires. If you want a more eco-friendly or handicap-accessible bathroom, Just-Baths offers green and special needs bathroom designs.

What are the Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Bathroom?

Remodeling your bathroom so that it’s eco-friendly is beneficial to the planet and your finances since it’s designed with water and energy-saving features. Using less water and electricity helps to minimize the impact our daily domestic activities have on the environment, which also helps to put less strain on our natural resources. The added incentive to reduced water and power consumption is its effect on your utility bills. Each month, you can save a considerable amount of money. Our green bathroom designs do more than reduce your resource consumption. In addition to newer models of toilets and fans with Energy Star labels, we also use sustainable and renewable materials in the remodeling process.

Can I See Some Photos of Just-Baths’ Past Projects?

Just-Baths is proud of our history of bathroom remodels, and we love to show our past work to viewers who are considering projects for their homes. Our use of top-quality fixtures and materials, coupled with expert craftsmanship, produces stellar finished bathrooms for our clients. If you’d like to see some examples of our work, you can click here to check out our gallery of past projects. The images might give you ideas for your own home space designs.

Can You Provide Handicap-Accessible Bathrooms for the Elderly?

One of our specialties is remodeling bathrooms for the elderly and others with special needs. We can incorporate a multitude of customized features to make your daily bathroom activities easier, including grab bars, wheelchair access, safety rails, and toilet height modification. Our goal is to ensure your bathroom is easily accessible and usable no matter what your needs might be, and safety is a crucial concern we have when creating the designs. These rooms are prone to hazards like wet floors, which can lead to slipping and falling. To learn more about our capabilities for clients who are elderly, handicapped, or have other special needs, we invite you to visit our Special Needs Bathrooms page.

What Products Do You Use for Bathroom Remodeling?

Quality is a chief concern of ours whenever we perform a bathroom remodel, so we opt for high-quality fixtures and materials from reputable brands. Our contractors consider your design wishes as we suggest and incorporate a collection of outstanding showers, tubs, countertops, cabinets, and other materials into your new bathroom. If you want granite or cultured stone countertops, we work with distributors who offer a wide assortment of stone and other materials. The bathroom products we trust for your remodel include options such brands as Delta®, Hansgrohe®, Jacuzzi®, Kohler®, and Moen®. For a full description of the products and materials we use for our clients’ remodels, you can visit our Products page.

Are There Any Special Discounts or Offers?

Just-Baths wants to help you keep your bathroom remodel affordable with our collection of special discounts and offers. To view our current deals for clients, we recommend viewing our Special Offer page. Our contractors will work with you to integrate cost-saving offers into your bathroom design.

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